Wildwood Crest: Ocean Avenue between Cardinal & Aster Avenues


North Wildwood: 7th & Central Avenues, 22nd and Delaware Avenues
Wildwood: 401 W. Young Avenue (indoor and outdoor)
Wildwood Crest: Heather & Ocean Avenues

Hockey Rink & Rollerblading (Outdoor)

North Wildwood: Allen Park, 22nd & Delaware Avenue

Skateboard Park

North Wildwood: 23rd & Delaware Avenue


Bicycles are allowed on the Wildwoods Boardwalk from 5am to noon daily.
Bike Paths: North Wildwood – beachfront from 5th Avenue to 20th Avenue. There is also a bike path along Surf Avenue. Wildwood Crest – Cresse Avenue to Rambler Road along the beachfront, and also on Seaview Avenue from Rambler Road to Jefferson Avenue.
Bicycles can be rented at many locations along or near the Boardwalk. Skateboards, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters and go-carts are prohibited on the Wildwoods Boardwalk from April 30 through
October l.

Bocce Courts

Wildwood: Leaming Avenue & the Boardwalk
Wildwood Crest: Between Columbine & Wisteria Avenues (between tennis courts)

Boat Ramps

5th Avenue and the Bay in North Wildwood. Launching fee.
Boat launching also available at marinas.


Wildwoods Vietnam Memorial Wall
Columbus Park, 4500 Ocean Avenue, Wildwood
Korean War Memorial
Columbus Park, 4500 Ocean Avenue, Wildwood
Memory Lane
Fox Park, 4500 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood
Veterans Monument
New York & Spruce Avenue, North Wildwood

Parks and Playgrounds

North Wildwood:
16th Street Playground: 16th Avenue beside the Boardwalk
Allen Park & Playground: 22nd & Delaware Avenues
Bill Henfey Park & Playground: 8th & Central Avenues
Hereford Lighthouse Park & Gardens: 154 Central Avenue
Margaret Mace Park: Walnut & Central Avenues
Passive Park: 2nd & Surf Avenues

Columbus Park: Burk & Ocean Avenues
Fox Park & Playground: Davis & Atlantic Avenues
Fountain Park: Glenwood & Pacific Avenues
Holly Beach Park: Andrews Avenue between New Jersey & Pacific Avenues
Fountain Park: Poplar & New York Avenues
Corner of 26th & Pacific Avenues
William H. Bright Memorial Park: New Jersey & Magnolia Avenues

Wildwood Crest:
World War II Memorial Park: Columbine & Atlantic Avenues
Scoop Taylor Park & Playground: Crocus & Ocean Avenues
Centennial Park: Fern Road & Ocean Avenue
Miami & New Jersey Avenues
Newark Avenue off of Bay Drive
Flacco Park Playground: Rambler Road & Ocean Avenue

Tennis Courts

North Wildwood: 22nd & Delaware Avenues
Wildwood: Montgomery & Atlantic Avenues
Wildwood Crest: Ocean Avenue between Columbine & Wisteria Avenues

Volleyball on the beach:

North Wildwood: 19th Avenue, 13th Avenue, 8th Avenue and Ocean Avenue
Wildwood: Cresse Avenue, Garfield Avenue and Magnolia Avenue
Wildwood Crest: Crocus Road, Fern Road, Rambler Road


Wildwood Crest Library
6300 Atlantic Avenue
Wildwood Crest 609-522-0564